Saturday, June 28, 2008


I introduce Japanese music.
It is my preference.
The page of the beginning introduces the coolest group in Japan.

Kumi and Naoki formed Love Psychedelico in 1997, while studying at Aoyama Gakuin University in Tokyo. Through their music, they are strongly committed to promoting the values of Love and Peace throughout the world.


Love Psychedelico’s unique sound emerges from a fusion of rock with the infinite possibilities brought to music by the digital age.
Naoki’s distinctive guitar riffs and Kumi’s unconventional but smooth blend of Japanese-English lyrics have had a tremendous impact on the Japanese music scene since the release of their first single “Lady Madonna / Yuutsu Naru Spider”in April 2000.
The band’s first four albums, “The Greatest Hits” (Jan.2001), “Love Psychedelic Orchestra” (Jan.2002), “Love Psychedelico III” (Feb.2004) and “Golden Grapefruit” (Jun.2007) are still selling strong..


In November 2004 Love Psychedelico embarked on their first Asian solo tour, which took them through Hong Kong and South Korea. Taiwan was their next major destination in June 2005, and now their sights are set on projects in Shanghai and Singapore.
Extremely positive encounters with crowds outside Japan have convinced Love Psychedelico that music has the potential of becoming a powerful vector of communication among Asians, despite the ups and downs of Japan’s image in the region.
Europe and the United States, where rock music was born, are naturally on their list of potential projects abroad.

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